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    Trade Show Wish Lists

    The intelligent response to "I'm just looking"

    Empowering exhibitors to know what visitors are “just looking” at, using simple barcodes to build beautiful wish lists.

  • How Zentrest Works

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    Scan the visitor's badge

    One scan unlocks all of the visitor's contact information

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    Hand the scanner to the visitor

    A simple scanner with a single button is immediately useful to all types of visitors

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    Visitors scan what they like

    Stress-free wish list building

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    Connect the scanner to a computer

    Finish up your interaction with the visitor and ensure they found everything they wanted

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    Email the visitor's wish list

    One click and their personalized wish list is in their inbox, ready when they are

  • Watch Zentrest Work

  • Benefits


    Self-service scanner helps your visitors get the information they want and gives you insight into how you can help.


    Instantly give visitors the product information they want in an easy-to-read, interactive email.


    Access the live data dashboard for product, geographic, and other useful metrics.


    Make it easy for your sales team to follow up.


    We're here to help!

  • First Glance - Visitor Engagement

    Scan your visitors' badges to instantly email them and text their rep.

  • Order Now

    Place your order for an upcoming market event

  • Only pay for what you use

    There is no annual contract for First Glance. Make decisions market-to-market and only pay for what you use at each event. Excellent, on-demand customer service is always included with any order. 

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    Instant Badge Decoding

    $125 - $800

    varies by market

    Decode visitor badges to unlock comprehensive visitor information.

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    Turnkey Scanner


    per scanner

    Each scanner arrives with the app ready and connected to your account.

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    Automated Texting


    per 100 texts

    Connect your sales team with their visitors faster. Pay after market for what you use.